NOTE : To use all these items , left-click them on your inventory.

With the artifacts of Kanto you can get :

Power supply , for Zapdos..use the power supply near the power plant (windy area bottom left , in normal pokemon zone )

Flame of Moltres , for Moltres (obviously) use the flame of moltres on the lava with the 4 fire columns , bottom right (near the end of fire pokemon zone)

Icy feather  : for Articuno , use the Icy Feather on the waterfall , top left of the map (near the end of the water pokemon zone )

Mew's toy  : for Mew , use Mew's Toy in the night on the top right of the map , where is a gate which opens only at dusk..go there at dusk and use it..

Mew's Dna : for Mewtwo , use Mew's Dna at the top of the map , when you are close to the laboratory , mewtwo will come out...

With the artifacts of Johto:

Flaming dog whistle  : for Entei (entei means flame emperor in japanese ) use the flaming dog whistle at the crater found at the top of the fire pokemon zone.

Wet dog whistle  : for Suicune (this is also japanese, don't know what it means though , something with water) use the wet dog whistle at the obelisk found in the middle of water pokemon area

Charged dog whistle  : for Raikou ( same goes for this ) use the charged dog whistle at the tip of the arrow in the electric pokemon area..the arrow is found right above the end of the map , noot right nor left , in the middle..

Silver feather  : for lugia , go to the cave in the water pokemon area , reach the end , there's a different terrain , use it there.

Shiny rainbow feather  : for Ho-Oh (this one's really powerful) go to the flaming tower on the right , turn left at the 2 turns , move ahead a bit , you'll find 2 fire torches , use it between them..

with the artifacts of Hoenn:

Ancient Tablet  : for Regirock , Registeel , Regiice . between the psychic pokemon area and the grass pokemon area , there is a cave entrance of 4 rocks..go in will find 3 circles of power..right is registeel , top is regirock , left is regiice choose a circle , step inside it and use the Ancient tablet...

Red orb  : for Groudon , on the right side of the map , below the grass pokemon area and above the fire pokemon area , there is a cave blocked by rocks..break the rocks go in , move forward and you will find some lava terrain..use the red orb there

Blue orb  : For Kyogre , this is the hardest one to get, below Lugia's cave , there is an entrance although it does not look like an entrance , just walk through the shallow waters and you will teleport somewhere else , there , go a bit far from the lever on the rocks , and left-click it . you will be transported across . next to another lever . then move will find a watery area , like a pond , use the blue orb go back , stand close to the lever and left-click it . you will be transported back where you came from..then just go back.

Meteor Fragment  : for Deoxys , go next to the power plant* in the windy area and use the meteor fragment , deoxys will come (*read how to get zapdos to find where the power plant is)

With the artifacts of Sinnoh: Most times these artifacts will drop other artifacts of other regions , but when they don't , they drop the items needed for the rarest legendaries in the game.

Strange Egg  : for Manaphy , go to the pond with the black spots , above the north poke-ball shop , get in the pond , and use the strange egg . manaphy will come

Dimensional distortion  : for Giratina , go above the normal pokemon area and below the water pokemon area , there's a cave entrance. go in , don't enter the portal , head straight ahead and you will find a different terrain , use the Dimensional Disortion there .

Glowing molten rock  : for Heatran , go to the cave in the fire area , left of the place where you can find Moltres . enter the cave , go right , use the glowing molten rock on the lava there . Heatran will spawn .

Shard of the New moon : for Darkrai , go bottom left , near to that tomb-like crypt (when you get close your pokemon will be put to sleep for awhile automatically , that's due to the presence of Darkrai..) get to the steps of that crypt and use Shard of the new moon . Darkrai will come .

Tribute to the gods  : for Arceus (which is considered the god and creator of all Pokemon world , in this version though , i don't believe it lives up to it's name..although it's pretty good.. )so , go to the big temple below the south poke-ball shop . enter the temple , go straight ahead , and you will find 6 or 7 portals the one next to the other . don't try to enter the portals , just stand infront of the middle one , and use the Tribute to the gods . Arceus will come...

Now the two specials :Celebi and Regigiga

Celebi  : Destroy the two trees raging in the grass pokemon area , celebi will come ,it's a tough one , so be careful .

Regigigas : Gather all 3 Regies (registeel , regiice , regirock ) and enter the cave found right of the waterfall in the water pokemon area . move ahead and you will find a big giant . the 3 regies will be turned into 1 , Regigigas . this guy is the best tank in the game , really something you can depend on to put first in the final battle .

All credits for the map go to eMoo and his mates . All credits for this guide go to SpyrosG7

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